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The unique relationship between a landlord and a tenant can sometimes become adversarial, and lead to disputes. You’ve spent years building your rental property portfolio. Whether your tenant has stopped paying rent, has destroyed property, or has allowed additional people to move in, your assets need to be protected from any abuse. Columbia’s Williams Law Firm is equipped to handle all of your Landlord Tenant disputes. 

Columbia Landlord Tenant LawyerAre Your Tenants Late On Their Rent? 

Is your tenant behind on their rental payments? Are you unsure about eviction at this point in their lease? Know they’re just struggling through a rough patch? That’s okay. We do more than evictions. We will gladly contact your tenant on your behalf and discuss possible solutions to their rental payment issues. We are passionate about coming up with creative solutions to problems arising from the Landlord Tenant relationship.

Are Your Tenants Causing Property Destruction? 

Is your tenant destructive? Let us handle collecting payment for the destruction of your property. Whether it is retaining the tenant’s full security deposit after they move out, or requiring a current tenant to pay for a problem that they caused, we are ready to fight for your compensation.

When Should I Evict A Tenant For Late Rent?

Given your tenants too many chances and just need to get them out? It may be time to send a notice of eviction.

When your tenant is perpetually late on the rent, and is unable to meet any preventative requirements, eviction may be the only answer. While we believe it important to work with your tenants through difficult times, your own interests need to be protected as well.

While removing somebody from their living space should be a last resort, sometimes it is necessary. At The Williams Law Firm, we do not take the process of evictions lightly, and we advocate for preventative measures before eviction, but too often, eviction is the only option.

When Should I Evict a Tenant For Destruction of Property?

Depending upon the extent of the destruction of your rental property, and the cause of that destruction, eviction may be necessary. If your tenant is recklessly and willfully destroying your property, you should probably take steps to get them out. If some minor destruction was caused by an accident or fluke event, it may be advisable to work with the tenant and require they pay for repairs. This ensures that your rental property remains occupied and generating the income you expect.

Contact The Williams Law Firm today discuss the facts of your situation. We are happy to provide a free initial consultation, and let you know if we think your situation requires an attorney.

Need Help Formulating Your Initial Rental Agreements?

Are you just starting out in the rental property business? Have you been using the same rental agreement for years?Columbia Rental Property Attorney

The Williams Law Firm is available to draft a rental agreement that is tailored to your needs. If you already have a rental agreement, we will review your currently-used rental agreement and tighten up the language, if necessary. We can also re-draft the agreement altogether.

You might also consider having our firm draft addendums for any changes in circumstance, such as: allowing or disallowing pets, a change in the amount of allowable tenants, etc.

Contact The Williams Law Firm today to discuss your rental agreements. We are happy to provide a free initial consultation, and let you know if we think you should make any changes.

When Should I Exercise My Right To Retain A Tenant’s Security Deposit?

You collect a security deposit for good reason. If you have any questions about retaining your tenant’s security deposit, we can help. Some potential issues that may give rise to holding on to a security deposit are:

  • your tenants have caused damage to your property that needs repair
  • your tenant’s pets have caused damage to your property
  • your tenants have not paid their last month’s rent
  • you evicted your tenant, but they still owe you past-due rent

If you believe that you might need to retain your tenant’s security deposit, contact The Williams Law Firm today.

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