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The Williams Law Firm's Story

Founded in 2019 by attorney and Columbia native, Matt Williams, The Williams Law Firm exists to serve its clients with passion, respect, and strength.

The Williams Law Firm is founded upon the principled belief that each and every person has a right to equal treatment under the law and deserves a devoted advocate in their corner when it comes time to fight.

Since its origination, The Williams Law Firm has participated in cases ranging from minor property disputes and tax valuation appeals to a multi-million dollar class action.

With experience across a wide variety of practice areas, on both the plaintiff side and the defense side, The Williams Law Firm knows what it takes to successfully bring a compensation claim. From personal injury to construction defects, and anywhere in between, the Williams Law Firm is experienced and ready to help you with your issue when it matters most.


What Our Clients Say!

Constant Communication

Communication is key for a successful attorney-client relationship. Our office is here to answer any questions you may have throughout your representation. We will also be in constant communication with any updates regarding your case. A well-informed client is a happy client!

Results Oriented

The Williams Law Firm aims to secure the best result for its clients in the most efficient manner possible. We work on the details, so you can focus on your recovery.

Why Choose The Williams Law Firm?


& Creative

At the Williams Law Firm, we look at each client's issues from a deeply analytical perspective. We understand that each situation is unique, and often requires a creative solution. There is no black and white solution to every problem. Legal issues often require a nuanced approach.


Professionalism is not just an abstract idea at The Williams Law Firm. We strive to treat every man, woman, and child with respect and dignity, no matter the circumstance.

D. Matt Williams, Esq.

Meet Your Lawyer

Matt Williams was born and raised in Columbia, SC, where he proudly grew up attending Richland One public schools. Matt has worked in the legal industry in South Carolina for nearly 15 years in varying capacities. 

He started in the industry during college as a law firm runner, later attending The University of South Carolina School of Law. Following law school he worked as an Associate Attorney at a highly respected civil litigation firm in Beaufort, SC. 

Following the birth of their first child, Matt and his wife, Margaret, moved back home to Columbia, where he founded the Williams Law Firm in 2019.  

The proud grandson of a hard working woman who taught school to orphaned children in Clinton, SC, and the son of a South Carolina social worker, Matt’s views were shaped through his value-centered upbringing. 

Aside from serving his clients, Matt enjoys spending time with his family, watching his favorite teams (Gamecocks, Atlanta Braves, and Carolina Panthers), playing law league softball, and listening to live music. 

The Williams Law Firm is founded upon Matt’s deeply-held beliefs that every person is born with the right to equal treatment under the law. Matt is ready to serve as a devoted advocate on your side when it comes time to fight for justice.

Every single day, Matt brings passion and determination with him to Williams Law Firm.

Williams Law Firm Columbia, SC

When It Matters Most

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